Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Enrich Year End Sale 2014


Hallo all! It's been awhile....
Yeah we've been busy.

This news jolted back the need to blog - sharing some good news for those who have been squirreling away their Enrich Malaysia points. 

The catch:

1. This year's promo has VERY limited travel period - 1 Oct to 15 Dec 2014 only. Boohoo!!

2. The discount is UP TO 50% instead of 50% across the board, so the really popular destinations may not get as much discount as you wish (or not even in the list e.g LHR)

Here is the link for Europe and Malaysian destinations (thanks to Ramble and Wander)

Tengoklah ek, ada tak yang berkenan di hati. Miss T has secured her December KUL-IST return tickets for 42,000 points, tax & surcharge total RM849. Bolehlah. Since she has a lot of points expiring end of December anyways, and she really wants to travel on those dates...